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Online Virtual Classrooms Systems

Online virtual Classrooms and web conferencing solutions from Naseej provides you with highly interactive and virtual classes with social sharing all hosted in the cloud for an easy and efficient online learning environment.  
The virtual classroom and web conferencing tools from Naseej enable lecturers to simulate an actual classroom environment, with the ability to receive questions from students in real-time, create assignments for students, and deploy numerous methods of illustrating lecture notes and ideas such as interactive whiteboards (IWB) highlighted texts, as well as the ability to seamlessly switch from one tool to another and back.
Enable student collaboration with Virtual Classes and on-demanded conferences.
Now you can teach and collaborate from any location at any time using traditional classroom tools (e.g. interactive white board, highlighters, etc.), thus creating an engaging course environment that provides instant access and boosts student participation.
Key features:
  • Easily organize virtual classroom flow and content using customizable layouts;
  • Use breakout rooms to focus discussions within your virtual classroom;
  • Enable all learners to interact with content simultaneously; and
  • Provide the same interactivity as a live course in recorded sessions.